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the lady said ....

Write me a poem the lady said
I wracked my brain scratched my head
Write me a poem how absurd
I know I'll write about a bird
What a wonderful animal is the gnu
Though I can't pronounce it
Can you??

Write me a poem the lady said
About the things we do in bed
How I lay with head on your chest
As you gently stroke my breast
Slide your tongue between my lips
And take my taste in gentle sips
Let me ride for our delight
The restless stallion of the night
Before we lie back there in sleep
Cuddled up resting deep
With you lying  there inside
So we can sleep in a gentle ride
As the night slides away
For us to wake to another day

Write me a poem the lady said
Nothing silly nothing absurd
No more talk of gnus and birds

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the lady said ....