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Love Letter

I'm sitting here writing a love letter to you
Telling you I miss you and how I wish I was with you
Asking you about your day and praying I was in it
Promising I was thinking of you in every minute
A stamp and an envelope, now it's on its way
And as you open to read it...this is what it will say

My dear sweet love,
You are here on my mind
Could there ever be
Any other love like this kind?

I'm doing well
As good as can be
But I'll be so much better
When you're here with me

How did your day go?
How about a hug and a kiss?
How I miss the feeling
Of your soft tender lips

Well, my love, I must go
But I'll write again soon
One more letter each day
Until we're together in June

And maybe someday lost in another time
Someone will find these love letters of mine
Maybe they'll be safe locked away in a chest
And they'll see our love was the very best
Reading words that were only meant for you
Knowing each word was written so true


~~ Just Keepin' In Touch ~~

~A Ponygirl Design~


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Love Letter