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Dark Angel

The Dark Angel came to sit with me
Whispering that from heaven he fell
But beyond that tender look in his eyes
I did catch a glimpse of hell

He claimed he had the sweetest song
So he sang with angelic voice
But his words were poison upon my ears
Yet I heard with ne'er a choice

He swore he was the keeper of dream
So he showed me a gateway in the sky
He asked if I would walk with him
And to him I did reply...

Dark Angel you have come to me
Swearing purity of the soul
But a heart of truth sees your disguise
And over me you have no control

You paint with many colors now
But eyes of honesty solely see black
And if you try to invade a pure soul
You will surely be driven back

So Dark Angel leave me now I say
For I can not walk with you
For my eyes and soul tread in the light
Which is something your temptations can not undo


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Dark Angel