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A Different Spectrum

Before my eyes I once saw white
Like the light of souls in celestial flight
But now I'll tell you what I see
White is the emptiness consuming me

Before my eyes I once saw red
Representing friendship, care, and tenderness
But lost are the reds of long ago days
Now red is the color of this burning rage

Before my eyes I once saw blue
Soft like the laughter I shared with you
But gone are the blues like a faraway sky
Remembered only by the tears that I cry

Before my eyes I once saw green
Fondness like grass that grew in the Spring
Say good~bye to the greens of each day anew
Now the only thing growing is my doubt of you

Before my eyes there is only black
What will it take to get the colors back?
Perhaps one day I'll see a different hue
As soon as I forget about you


 Darkling by Mayfair

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A Different Spectrum