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Coffee Mate

It was nauseating this rendezvous with my father

The one who walked away while I lay asleep

Who never sent birthday cards, I didn't exist

Extinquished, jettisoned like an heavy weight around his neck

Until the letter fell on the mat, an invitation to mocha coffee

To see this figure from the past made me angry, yet sublime

Should I dress up or be ordinary, just little old me, after all...

He wouldn't know the difference would he? would he

Recognise his baby girl, now a woman, now a mother

I walked up to the mirror image, there were possibilities

He belonged to me, somewhere in my deep past, the nose

Sculptured in Semitic form told me the past was frozen

I understood and felt this from the false smile and hug

He threw around me; I returned the favour with resilience

I realised this rendevouze was only a passing in the night

Would be just what it was, a quick coffee then goodbye.


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Coffee Mate

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