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old susie

old susie cat didn't do much those days
she'd've been a many greats granny by now
but she devoted her life to our family
and developing an admonitory miaow

old susie grew up with the children
they were seldom out of her sight
and to ensure they were fully protected
she slept on their beds every night

old susie would climb on my shoulder
and nuzzle my ear with her nose
we'd drift through the evening together
in a pleasant companionable doze

old susie got more eccentric
needing more love and care now
and if it wasn't quite up to standard
passed an admonitory miaow

old susie grew old and tired
she didn't seem really to care
I suppose I just didn't realise
how  many years she'd been there

I'll never stop missing old Susie
I can hear her just right now
sticking her nose in my ear
to give an admonitory miaow

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old susie