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Reaching For The Stars

(In Memory and Reflection)

I find myself reaching again for the stars
Remembering the days I was safe in your arms
Knowing that still the stars lay out of reach
Time hasn't brought forth the healing I seek

I find myself lost once again in the sky
Wondering, wishing, and asking myself why
Knowing these clouds can only bring rain
Until we meet again some sweet day

I find myself trembling again in the rain
Looking through yesterday as it falls on the pane
Knowing the rain that falls is but my tears
Thinking of how you are after all these years

I find myself crying as I walk this street alone
It once was a path to your heart I had known
Knowing this street just goes on for miles
With nothing to guide me but remembered smiles

I find myself stopping now dead in my tracks
Knowing sometimes in life there is no turning back
Maybe someday I can be where you are
And until that day comes I will reach for the stars




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Reaching For The Stars