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Last Night

I know God has big plans for me,
But last night I was put through the test.
I played the part I wasn't supposed to be,
So I looked at myself with regret.

I stood there in shock and hurt,
With an urge to escape this place.
This hidden, forsaken, private heart,
Where nobody desires to chase.

Ancient poems and jotted groans,
With nobody to find and share
Too distant is each hand to hold,
This problem I couldn't bare

So I had taken a swig of silent fear,
And gulped it down to my soul.
I felt the gush of every tear,
To splatter the remorse I hold.

I rushed to the window and quit the game,
Then gasped for a breath of air.
Tried to turn lose my object of shame,
But saw Satan reflect in it's mirror.

So scarce of me to believe such things,
As if my freedom was found in there
So stupid of me to play such games,
And to think that no one would care.

~DaYnA e. 3/30/04

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Last Night