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Poem: Her Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, wanting eyes.
Calling me without words,
bring me to my knees.
Closer to you, clinging to
your sighs.

Blue eyes, wanting eyes.
Though silent are your lips,
your heart speaks to me . . .
Without words, without fanfare.
Delivered so precisely and accurately.

Blue eyes, wanting eyes.
Converse with my soul.
Tell me once more what
you need not express
with mortal words.
Let me hear that resounding
silence in which you embrace
your love so well.

Blue eyes, wanting eyes.
They show me such beauty
and ignite my passion
that so freely flows.
I run to your arms so willingly,
so eagerly without resistance.
Do not waste this moment
with words, . . .
Just let me bathe in the
love of your blue eyes.

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Poem: Her Blue Eyes

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