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Impecunious Style

My impecunious style has been set before me,
And I can see the giving more than receiving.
Take my money,
I don't need it.
I'll only waste it on things that will rot my being.
All I need to thrive
Are my writings, mere musings in the eyes of morals.
In my mind, I've suffered a thousand deaths and
Money doesn't make either one of them kinder.
All I want is a pen and some paper,
Nothing too fancy, just enough to keep me writing.
Beset in age, I'm wiser than you think.
I may sit here, sappily, smiling at no one,
But I am smiling at everyone.
Just because you can't seem them doesn't mean
They ain't there.
Dry thoughts crack now in the dead of life,
Like fall leaves under a persons weight,
I think money makes us horrid people.
I think I'd rather live without it yet,
I need some of it to help myself.
Do I not deserve to help myself?

April 2, 2004

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Impecunious Style

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