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Repeated love pattern

Think of a time my love
When I was once important.
When I was once a creature you tended to
But there were never times like that.
You simply prohibited them.
And you’ve hurt me hard
And I’ve cried now.
Yes I’ve cried now.
But you told me it didn’t matter,
Still I went and cried.
Went and cried.
Do others’ emotions
Carry a feeling over you?
Or has all this substance abuse
Made you ignore it all?
Do you care?
Do you cry?
Do you love?
Can you answer either of these?
Can you love me?
Or am I too different for you?
Too different,
And still crying tears,
Still crying tears.
Faint and unknown but still
Tears they are.
You push me away
And I fly back into you
With such a force
I can hardly bare it.
Crying and caring and loving.
Dare I ask what you lack?
Dare I ask any more questions?
The one thing from you that mattered so much to me
Was winning your heart away
From the gang of boys who regulate.

*From 2001

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Repeated love pattern

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