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Ashes Blowing

When something ends with teardrops
You wonder how did the end begin
Looking back to search the memories
Sifting ashes into the wind

Hoping to find the remnants
Of the treasure that might remain
Sifting through the ashes...
And praying beneath the pain

You beg the wind to stop its gust
For each ash is special to you
So you cradle them to you protectively
Right now it is what you need to do

But as hard as you try you can not hold on
For the wind just keeps on going
Watching with tears as your hands are swept
Into memory sweet ashes are blowing


 Remember by Mayfair

The heart remembers,

What the mind won't fathom.

The soul holds forever,

An endless chasm.

Embrace the void,

And make a fresh stand.

To mask the emotion,

Held close at hand.

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Ashes Blowing