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Trapped Inside My Mind

Maybe all I need is a pill
An anti-depressant or two would do
I'm trapped inside of my memories
And I don't know what else to do

I walked in the rain to numb my skin
Begging to feel the drops instead of the pain
But as cold as it was I felt nothing at all
Have I slipped so far once again?

I sat on the steps just to feel the wind
Hoping it could bring a sign of life
As it ruffled my hair...I didn't care
Nothing can penetrate this wall of strife

The sun peaked and I thought for a moment
I might finally feel the warmth inside
But the sun didn't shine quite bright enough
It couldn't even touch the tears I cried

Can't something get my out of here
I'm just trapped inside myself
I don't care what happens to me anymore
Is it the same for everyone else?




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Trapped Inside My Mind