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Pen Notes

How can I continue to write
When I feel so empty inside
I feel like something is missing
Like a piece of the pen has died

I've written through my heartache
Finding my ink inside of my tears
Swirling words as they fall from my eyes
Until the pages just disappear

I've written with words of happiness
Shining my beauty then from my smile
Laughing at some of my girlish whims
And bringing you with me once in a while

I've written with fists of anger
When I've overlooked what I held dear
Blazing across the parchment with my pride
Prose of anger that still fell sincere

I've written held in depression
When all I wanted was my life to end
Begging for someone to hear me
Just to help this pen start to mend

Yet now I can not find the words
Will I find them? I don't know...
I still feel the heart beat in my chest
But something has stopped their flow


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Pen Notes