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Why Do Things Have To Change?

I sit alone and ask myself
Why do things have to change?
What wrong could there possibly be
If everything stayed the same

But an answer I did not find
So I decided to expand my search
To ask each and every one of the creatures
This question that has been given birth

I looked up to the brightest star
And I asked my question in kind
But in reply that star said I do not know
For even I fade out in time

I asked the moon upon his perch
But he too gave an answer forlorn
Saying dear child I wish that I could tell you
But even I must take my leave in the morn

I asked the clouds that drifted
But all they could give was a blustery sigh
Saying the answer you seek lies not with us
For even we lose our place in the sky

I asked the deep blue ocean
Hoping just to solve this mystery
But the ocean could not answer fast enough
As it beat its steadfast retreat

So I guess that I will never know
Why it is that things must change
So I'll just resign myself to sister fate
And embrace the memories that remain


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Why Do Things Have To Change?