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Are You Somewhere Crying Too?

As tears fall again in opalescent hue
I wonder are you somewhere crying too
Memories of the heart can not be erased
They are real like each soft line of your face

If I were there would you share them with me
Or would you hide never letting them be seen
For you always loved to see me smile
To hear my laughter ring out all the while

Would you be able to reveal your feelings true
Or would you keep them locked inside of you
Would you sit and listen to my words
As your thoughts echoed yet left unheard

So I ask dear one come talk with me
Tell me the thoughts that have come to be
For as I cry lost in the blue
I can't help but wonder are you crying too?


CopyrightęBlu Gnome Graphics
Used with permission

" FancyLadyRider Sig's "

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Are You Somewhere Crying Too?