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TT3 -  Moving on

Tommy Tapper's time is over
so glad he took the chance
to waltz through the streets
in that last madcap dance:

But his breath was getting shorter
And he'd found it hard to smile
and the police had nearly caught him
there, just for a little while.

Every day that passed
his pain was a little stronger
and the time to its relief
every day a little longer

so Tommy Tapper decided
the day and place, instead
of those last drugged days
in a sterile hospice bed.

He can feel the water pulling,
knows he's nearly won his race,
slowly rolls on his back,
so the stars can see his face,

taking in the beauty
of this glorious summer's night:
then Tommy Tapper is gone,
slipped slowly out of sight.

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TT3 - Moving on