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Significance Of A Year

(Something to think about)

What's the most important part of this year?
Was it the days we spent alone in tears?
Was it the anger we felt for silly mistakes?
Or was it the laughter that made our sides ache?

It's amazing but we made it 365 days
With our personalities and headstrong ways
Will we make it another, I'm sure you know...
We've survived this long and that just goes to show

We've had our fights and we've had to bend
Yet we always are together when we need to mend
A year, now that's something I'd like to repeat
As long as it is shared between you and me

Yet isn't it amazing how fast time does fly
It seems this time has just passed us by
Still there is a significance of this year
Through it all...the love is still here



Rhuda's Sigs


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Significance Of A Year