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How Do I Do It?

(Feeling Playful)

I would like to write you poetry
Profess to you my every need
Just to tell you what you mean to me
All the beauty in you I see

Yet how does one describe a smile?
Maybe say that it makes my life worthwhile?
Should I write how it brings me to my knees?
How the way it tempts me as you tease?

Can I possibly now describe your heart?
How does one capture such a piece of art?
You make me...what's that word...flutter?
Oh yes, you certainly do unlike any other

Can I paint an image of this thing called love?
The one thing you have given me plenty of..
I need something now to describe this feeling
How does one say I've soared past the ceiling?

Well I tried to write you this love poem
I'm not doing very good on my own
I've checked the dictionary in hopes to see
No words in there describe what you mean to me...


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How Do I Do It?