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Was the start of creation ,total darkness throughout
when the spirit of God moved the waters about.
The Earth had no shape, pitch-blackness of night
God divide them both, then said, let there be light.
He called the day, morning from dawns early sight
and dark was the evening known also as night
It is good, he said, when he took his survey
the morning and evening will be called the first day.

The waters were deep, they filled the abyss
it's depths were unknown to how long it exist
an arch must be made, he said with a sigh
To keep waters down low from those up high.
in the midst of the waters, firmament then appeared
it is good, he then said, of the great spacious sphere
will be known as the beautiful, blue ethereal sky
This firmament is heaven, second day, he replied.

He parted the waters, what a sight to behold
the Ancient of Days, divide waters of old
then He called forth the land, to spiritual birth
made a blue marble planet, lovenly he called Earth
Then he brought forth grasses, trees, herbs and seeds
Masterpiece of creation, were of his wonderous deed
Majestical mountains, meadows, valleys and plains
On the third day of creation, It is good, he proclaims.

Deep thoughts had the master, when he brought into sight
a moon, full and silvery that ruled over the night
The sun was so massive, a fireball ablazed
set high in the sky to rule over the days.
Stars that would twinkle, like glass crystal tears
For the days of the seasons and signs of the years
the celestrial body now, in splendid display
It is good, he then smiled, This is the forth day.

He made life in abundance, swim the vast seas below
sharks, dolphins and some fish that could even glow
mysterious creatures in the ocean so deep
whales gracefully gliding and crustations that creep.
Above churning seas, designed birds to take flight
winged foul in the air, such a breath-taking sight
land birds sweetly chirping, melodies filled the sky
It is good, on the fifth day, God commands, multiply.

He brought all living creatures right into His view
Great beast from the earth, creeping, crawling ones too.
from Elephants to cattle, He said, this is good
fill the earth and replenish, they all understood.
All creation were thoughts, done in God's devine plan
but one, for dominion, he should mold in his hands
God made man in his image, stood him up on his feet
on the Sixth day, he wispered, creation complete.

Both male and female, had a mission to keep
Taken care of all life in the air, land and deep
Be fruitful, he told them, on this earth, multiply
replenish and subdue it, this is good, he replied.
God ended his work of the earth he created
the seventh day blessed, was now consecrated
as he rested, a voice that flowed like fine wine,
said, keep this day sanctified, it's holy and mine.

Written By SonataGH
copyrightęDecember 25,2003
Read as:The Night Before Christmas

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