Poetic Feelings

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In the wee morning hours I was all alone,
Missing you, wishing you were back home;
Then I heard your key turn in the lock,
I stared, dumbfounded, at the clock;
Held my breath, wondered if it could be,
Dare I hope that you’d come back to me?

You walked slowly to the kitchen sink,
Stopped to take a refreshing drink;
I lay on the couch, trying not to shake,
Didn’t want you to know that I was awake;
You passed by and the scent of your perfume
Permeated my soul as it filled the room;

I continued to lie there, holding my pose,
You ran a shower, stepped out of your clothes;
Thick clouds of steam began to swirl,
As you hummed a tune about a love-sick girl;
Your body was soaking wet and bare
As you climbed into the bed we used to share.

I stood quickly, feeling a burning desire to
Shed my clothes and join myself to you;
I stared in astonishment--got the shock of my life,
You weren’t there! Could cut the silence with a knife;
I walked to the bathroom, releasing a deep sigh,
The shower and the floor were both bone dry;

This experience should have filled me with fear,
I only felt disappointment that you weren’t here;
How could your presence have been so real?
Is there something that you were trying to reveal?
Could you possibly want to renew our romance?
Do I actually stand the ghost of a chance?

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Ghost of a Chance