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thoughts that made me come up with this simple poem:

in life, there is no escape button. to escape our body, is to enter an eternity of either two places. 'cause our soul... it never ceases. God must of gave a reason for everybody's existance.

what we do now, affects not only our today, but our forever.

i dont' understand people that know the truth, yet don't use it in their lives... their lives would be less complicated if they followed what they're rightfully taught.


you're innocent desires
you're evil desires
you're motives I cannot see
who you are
and who you'd want to be

i don't suggest you change your personality
that's part of the color of your life

but, however, i do suggest
you would quit living pointless
before you're out of time

~DaYnA e. 5/4/04

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