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And you say Everybody Is Welcome

I read the paper today my good chrisitan soldiers.
Headlines stating that the United Methodist Church thinks Gays and Lesbians and every other person of difference should be banned from the church?  
But your signs and advertisements shout that Everyone is Welcome.  How can that be?  It is on the television and the web!
Jesus never ever turned away anyone.  
He never married according to the Bible and he loved and accepted everyone so according to your standards his was the first Hippie and had to be different!  
Here was a good looking 33 year old male and lived with a group of men, had long hair and wore a dress!
I have been taught from a baby that to be a Christian is to not judge or condemn one of God's creations.  
How can you?  Are you greater than God?  Are you wiser than his teachings that you want to follow so close?
When did God give you mere mortals the grace and insight to tell me that God made a mistake?
I know who I am and I forgive you and love you as a follow human being.
That is what my Sunday School teachers taught me.  To put no other God before the Lord and to love one another as I would want to be loved.
So please great scholars of the Methodist and mainstream churches tell me when did you become greater than God's teachings that you follow so close?
050704-ragingheart and a Church going God fearing Lesbian

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And you say Everybody Is Welcome