Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


Sometimes I feel like it is a struggle to pull myself away from sanity,
So I float around in an insane word,
Never knowing normal, never caring for normal.
I swear to god that I'm crazy,
But he relinquishes any thought.
He may want to say something but he does a good job
Of saying nothing at all.
My head hurts, ouch, it's hard to breathe sometimes.
My creativity is choking the life out of me,
I must surrender these words onto paper before
My talent has bested me.
I shan't be bested by something that is a part of me!
But I float. I'm floating,
Hoping to fly by someone who cares,
So they can grab onto my shoelaces
As I solemnly, wordlessly, pass them by.
All life has become struggle,
And struggle has become my only known friend.
I sit in shadows and try to remember
Of a time when I wasn't so…so…like this,
But I fail for this is me and I've never changed,
And I don't care to change
And I am proof that change isn't so wonderful. I think.
Maybe I'll throw myself out my window,
Glass encompassing me.

May 10, 2004

*I don't think I sleep anymore...

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