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Dear brother and Darling father

I'm glad you've broken me down to tears again,
Dear brother and darling father,
For you two seem to always team up and tear me down,
Just to see me cry or maybe
For a sense of defeat on my part,
Or even more so the fact that you have to hurt me
To get whatever truths out of me.
I shan't tell nothing,
I'm as stone-faced as a, well, stone!
I'll tell nothing for you two would judge me
And I have been judged all my life,
And I'd hate to think that my family is judging me too.
They've already begun the judgment of me,
I'm so ashamed of everything that I hold in pride,
I'm so ashamed of my accomplishments
For they have nothing to do with football and track meets.
I find it saddening and angering that
Father and brother alike
Decide to notice and compliment me
When I get involved in something they hold interests in.
I work out now to be healthy,
Not for impression,
And I'm tired of this BULLSH!T!
I HATE that this discrimination goes on forever!
I'm sick of it, really I am.
It's as though I'd never been born.
Sh!t would have been better that way I guess.
I hate it that my dad always blames my problems on
His being white, well it has everything to do with being white
And being red and I'm the one who
REFUSES to discriminate between the two.
I wish they would f*ck off.

May 13, 2004

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Dear brother and Darling father

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