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'gladbach night (part 2)

so the worlds worst mugger
is stood crying behind a car,
'cos his money's in your pocket,
and you don't know where you are
so you think you'll go and ask him
for the sake of the pints you shared
as you turn towards him,
don't let him know
you're scared,
but he sees you coming
and he's off with a screech
desperate to get his body
out of your reach:
so there you are standing
in this strange part of town
you see is quite deserted
as you look around
but as luck would have
in your pocket you find
a picture of peters bar
you thought you'd left behind,
so a few beers later,
because you think
before you ask the way
you should buy a drink,
you end up right back
where you started out
and ray and glasby and eddie
all greet you with a shout.
when they hear your story,
all hoot and laugh with glee
and the next few beers
all come free
and as one man
you all respectfully stand
to toast the worlds worst mugger
with full glasses in your hands.

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`gladbach night (part 2)