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Peter heard my story from there behind his bar
and very very shortly I was seated in his car
on a whirlwind journey
through clubs and other places
trying to find my mugger
there amongst the faces
(though truly by this time
being well and truly smashed
I wouldn’t have recognised mother
If she’d gone walking past);
When the evening ended
as a special gift
one of Peter’s pals
gave us all a lift.
Good night Peter
good night my friends.
An eventful evening
drawn to its end.

Aftermath very soon after
with Maria at camp gate,
looking for me and Glasby
and all the other mates
trying to borrow some money
for us to stand the bail
for our dear friend Peter,
languishing in jail
for running gangs of muggers
from the gladbach pub.
If I hadn’t lived it
I’d have said "tall story club"
World’s worst mugger
World’s worst host
Mugging victim
Profits most.
We didn’t lend.
Goodbye, Peter, friend.
and so ‘gladbach end.

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gladbach end.