Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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Out Of Reach

Mourn the new day, dawn without light
Waiting for nothing, without a fight
Nothing matters to me

Spirit comes in a dying light, morning sun burns cold
Love has died
Nothing matters to me

Nothing matters, and times have changed
Scattered ashes are all that remain
They're there before me
I can't ignore it, I see

Like a sea, (of confusion)
All I see,(all illusion)
Is what I'm searching for out of reach?

Searching ,as I grow old
So far away, so I've been told
Memories are gone
Never to return ,live and learn

I'm holding on but it's out of reach
My arms' outstretched I can't compete
I'm falling, falling down
With no one to catch my fall

Lost hope in a wicked world
Elusive are the fruits of evil
But I keep reaching out

I keep reaching in the dark
But I can't see, no, I can't touch
Like a candle, a flicker of light a flicker of hope

Don't let it wait Ďtil tomorrow