Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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It's Alright

it's alright
the rope you walk on you stray
to either side
is the wrong move

the time you steal
is yours for the take
it's your last meal
and no one told you
you can try it on for size
do you wonder what you see?
don't you know that some times
did you see what they saw?
they don't want you to see it

but it's alright
a wild awakening is near
Ďcause i found out
i know something
i'm on the other side
on my own
i'm waiting for it
it's in my mind, i control it

so why not savor another minute
if you're on to them then you're in it
you never waited so long
has your time come?
i warned you
do you want something brand new?

it's over,it's over
it's alright
it won't ever be the same
you are what you are
and you don't mind
it won't ever be the same