Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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9x7 is sixty three 
There is nothing wrong it was meant to be 
Aerosol, I'll figure it out by myself 
The longer I wait 
I waited too long 
For a second coming 
Stained your soul 
 I'm alright, stare into the light 
As good as gone 

Turn it around 
Your lost I found it 
Can't convince me I was saying 
I saw you ever 
Are you like this? 
 Next is morning, then tomorrow 
Allow you now 
Figure it out 
White, clean and saved 
I'm inside, I'm lying here 
 I saw you, are you yourself? 

So you say you wish you were someone else 
But someone somewhere is you right now 
You is all you need 
You know what I mean 
 I can tell 
I won't ask you why 
Push you beside, sleep 
Live through you vicariously 
Allow you 
Disavow what you are, swayed 

With one eye open 
Wide I can see 
 Not one word mispoken 
I'm inside, I'm lying here 
I saw you are you yourself ?