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Mind Melt

it's a mind melt
don't it take your breath away
it's a mind melt
it makes you look that way
it could be less
it could be more
it'll leave you lying on the floor
when there's nothing else to do
let it go inside of you

it's a mind melt
it's gonna help you find yourself
it's a mind melt
gonna get you on your way
if your feeling out of place
never thought you'd feel this way
it will follow you around
until they plant you in the ground !!

you're in now
turn upside down and float around
it's inside you
now kiss the ground your feet wore out
i know i'll win
in spite of you

it's been so long
you should have tried to ease your mind
it feels so good
to bite the hand you let feed you
i know i'll win in spite of you

i took what you threw away
assume mistake
i took what you threw away
i might be there some day
assume mistake