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Waiting For The Train

night time, i'm waiting for your call
i don't care about the future
i see nothing there at all
i look back, and wonder,wonder what for
don't think about tomorrow
there's nothing there at all for me

light falls, fear hidden deep inside
the silence of futility burning in my mind
follow me, release me through the blackened night
take the train through the blackened night
i'm waiting for, waiting for the train

trapped within, death and indecision
like a fallen angel, follow me with wings of freedom  
i'm waiting at the station of pain and despair  
it's dark and cold and lonely
but i'm still waiting there for you

sick and tired of this world i've come to know
i swear sometimes, sometimes i want it all  
i sleep all night and then i dream all day
i tell you there must be another way
but i don't know what each day will bring
this life is a game i can't win
i'm waiting for the train