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Death Song

waiting through tomorrow
light burns inside
when living brings sorrow
in the night peace i'll find
sink breathe and follow
all your dreams expire inside
and to swim in the silence
fall deep into the fire

loss of life never thought that it would end
death so cold like wintertime
lost all feelings they're gone forever
no longer see through clouded eyes

robbed of what I'm not so sure of
enter silence end to life's cruel joke
is there more?
i wish it never happened
i never wanted
all or none, anything at all

i'll be waiting, no loss of feelings
i'll be waiting, through it all
through tomorrow,all my life
i'll be waiting, 'til the end

i'll be waiting Ďtil the end of time
in life, in death blue turns to black
i feel the life drain from my veins
sinking slowly down
i'll be waiting in darkness for the light
unanswered questions edge of eternity
pulling at my mind

I'll be waiting, until the end of the world
I feel it pull me, feel it drag me down.