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You Can Blame It All On Me

you came you saw you want it your way
you know your instincts' wrong
but you followed them instead
you won't let go, you want to stay
in a sense, innocence lost

you surround me
i can change things
you can blame it all on me

you think you're right
i'm wrong, i might be
you know you're looking for something
that's not where you thought
and while you're watching
you'll wait and see, 'cause you want to
there's only one mistake

this is your life
i'm not who i used to be
you can blindly follow the light
but itĎll burn you before you return to it
you know i cut myself no sound, watch it bleed
let go of the negative energy

i cut myself,  no sound, watch it bleed
let go of all the negative energy that's inside you
i feel it, i know you want to blame it all on me

put on the shoe if it fits
just let your mind consume it
you're on your own, you're on your way

you can blame it all on me
it's all my fault
you can try to change the course that you're on
is there a reason why you hesitate
don't underestimate that you've been stained !!