many sides to Rosey

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Wandering around the place
In sweatpants that barely stayed on
Speaking nonsense with some glimmer of reality
As milk dribbled on the chin

The eyes, empty and without a soul
Words bitterly spoken and dripping with sarcasm
Head hung low, feet shuffling on the floor
Moving among people restlessly

I silently seated you down by me
And asked whether you recognized me
You answered, "Yes" with a sneer
"My mind is OK, but my heart is not"

So angry, yet so lost you were
For a man I deeply loved and cherished
Has gone and disappeared somewhere
Leaving behind a scary ghost of a stranger

I silently followed you around
With a heavy burden on my heart
For I can't seem to find you
And reality had struck me in the face

"Good bye" I sadly said with a hug
And you reached for your coat
"I don't know where home is," you said,
Piercing my heart with arrows

How I hated having to go,
Leaving you in that nursing home
Yet, sooner or later,
You will find your way home...

@ Rosey - all rights reserved