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Ross's revenge

Kye Ross was a bit of a boozer
With false teeth on a plate
And he'd come and look for Ware
When he reached a certain state.
We all knew the end
We'd seem it all before
From the first loud crash
When Kye fell through the door
Through the ranting and the raving
As Ware stood still bemused
There before his Nemesis
Being verbally abused.
We knew the warning signs
And we would all shout
For Ware to off and leg it
Before the teeth came out
For Kye was very careful
Not to get them broke
‘cos life without his dentures
Was no bloody a joke.
He'd have a split second
Before the first punch.
It was like a rabbit
Waiting to be lunch.
We'd see the first blow
Smack him on the head
But instead of dropping
Pretending to be dead
He'd wait for the next
Never more than three
Then for a few more days
Ware would be free
Having been reminded
Of his dreadful sin
Of climbing in to a bed
That Kye was already in
And there they drunkenly slept
And the future was set
‘Cos when they both awoke
Kye and the  bed were wet.

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Ross`s revenge