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Let me call you sweetheart
Forever yours, as said my heart

For, in this complicated world
And with all life's burden
When everything was dreadfully dark
And what I had left in me was no more than a spark
Then you came along, with your beautiful smile,
Making my fantasy reality, and how I drove hundreds of miles
Finally reunited, we were, and the sun came up the next morning
You gave me no reason to go back into mourning

Let me call you sweetheart
Forever yours, as said my heart

Months flew off the calendar, and days turned into over a year
Memories grew, expanded, and upward and onward it did veer
Making me smile, of such incidents as the tag on the front of your t-shirt,
And at a Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, how we flirted well beyond dessert
And such trips, to Destin, Florida and Lake Erie, we had gone on
Stopping at various spots, bringing fog to the windows of our car, well into dawn
Until we had exhausted ourselves physically but never did we tire of each other
For there is nowhere else I want to be, for you are the one and there is no another

Let me call you sweetheart
Forever yours, as said my heart

My heart beats for you, only you
My life is you, and it can not be undone
As you are my future, which is filled with sunshine
I am as much of yours as you are of mine
And together, we shall create rainbows as if there were no tomorrow
Making happiness infinity as if there were no sorrow
So, my beautiful, will you take my hand and let me call you sweetheart
For you, my valentine, is the reason for the beating of my heart

Let me call you sweetheart
Forever yours, as said my heart

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