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 Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula      36298 Poems Read


I catch myself riding on the past tense of issues
As absurdity takes the speciality of the killer on the rampage
And the senseless... foolishly embrace wrath; whole heartedly

The chief guest down here is his sadness, "hatred" "abomination"
Grudge is responsible to seat all the unknowingly invited lost guests
Where boiling temperaments are welcome on higher tables of contempt

Hypocrisy is set for a tour and solicited to stay at close quarters
As the struggle continues in the courtyard of deceit and backwardness
Arrogance is seen travelling alongside treachery and untruthfulness

Every thing in the backyard is fabricated on doubtful certitudes
The finest is disarmed in a stampede exchange to promote evil
Blueprints of distractions get induced and deployed by the tongue
Where the naked truth is baptised as mere wicked jokes and slogans
The satire, that will never have spokesmen of any model of integrity

The hearts feel highly betrayed in the search to forge harmony
And wrath must be brought to the courts of law and thus to a stand still
The strife's failure to construct a stable throne in a self contaminated zone

I don't have to indulge in any scuffles of any type of exasperation
I now know that man has advanced in the abilities to exterminate himself
Yet...Truth shall prevail; strife must be stopped in its trucks before it triumps

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