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90% Sweetheart

(One for giggles...hee hee hee)

I'm 90% sweetheart
You know it is true
I'm head over heels
In love with you

I bring you a smile
When you're feeling blue
So maybe perhaps
I should be 92

I bring you a sigh
To escape from your lips
A gentle caress
From my soft fingertips

I whisper tender words
That it is you I adore
So maybe perhaps
I should be 94

I sneak up so slowly
I give you a kiss
Ok, you've convinced me
I must be 96

I tease and I tempt you
You love how I play
Forget 90% sweetheart
I'll just be 98

Sometimes I can be evil
When my pride gets bent
We'll leave it 98% sweetheart
And overlook 2%

© 6-16-04

Good-looking girls break hearts,
and goodhearted girls mend them.
~Mignon McLaughlin~

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90% Sweetheart