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  My Love Is

My love is like an expanse of ocean
Mesmerizing in its depths of blue
With waves crashing upon your shore
Bringing my heart there with you

My love is like the highest mountain
For this feeling has become a peak
With sides that slope under your feet
Easing my heart back into your reach

My love is like a rolling field
Wildflowers blooming there inside
Look to my love as your sweet haven place
Come to me when you are weary and hide

My love is like the brightest sun
With arms that reach to bring you warmth
Caressing your body with my tender hands
As you bask in the feeling I bring forth

My love for you knows no measure
It posesses no boundaries or limitations
Take pride in the beauty this love has become
Your heart is the intended for this creation


Rhuda's Sigs



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My Love Is