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Your first love was Joni
   but she never had the chance to meet you,
You sent her cards and gifts,
   published poems in the school organ;
She tried everything to find you
   for she fell in love with you too,
But until now you remain a mystery
   in the life of your first love…

Then came Lenny of Baguio,
   the charming Hammond organist,
Who became your cynosure
   as you took up journalism;
She was your paragon
   in offering psalms of praises to the Lord,
You have this special attribute
   that made them crazy for you.

For many years you were so tranquil
   until you fell in love again;
This time it’s true love
  with the 30-year-old Del Monte City woman,
And once again, you captivated her heart
  with your mere thoughtfulness,
You were so happy and enthused
  while chatting with your special lady.

She is the real love of your life
   and I truly believe you,
She made a difference in your world,
   she stood out from the rest;
You are head over heels in love with Pam,
   your soul inspiration,
But she walked out on you in March
   and you’re still lonesome about it.

Then came Cristy who’s madly in love with you
   since the beginning,
You honestly told her your heart
   still belongs to Pam but who cares;
You had a 45-day relationship with her
   and she was extremely in heaven,
But you trusted the wrong person
   who’s trying hard to take revenge.

Your sweetness, special concern,
   flowery words, allegorical verses,
The stroke of your pen are
   the instruments that made them admire you;
You are so impressive in your own way
   and you really amazed them,
Lucky you are they’re interested in you
   and loved you with all their might.

Alter ego, you are the counterpart,
   the dark and private side,
The double, the stand-in,
   the substitute, the other side of me;
I wanna thank you for giving me
   an opportunity to live as a man,
Even if it was you they cared a whole lot
   and dreamed of building a life together!

                -SALLIE, thePoeticJournalist
                   Toronto, Canada/062104

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