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The blood on the saber that takes my life,
is a token of my love for my darling wife.
May she never know the sorrow I feel in
my heart on this day we must forever

The battlefield is deep and wide,
but into this fiery hell I must ride.
As I charge, the thoughts of
yesteryears pass before my eyes.
Days of wine and roses, dancing
in the courtyard, kisses of good-byes.

To the sound of the bugle’s call,
I shall muster inner strength and
give it my all for life, liberty
and my countries call.
Death is a small price to pay
to protect my way of life in this
terrible time of warring strife.

And on my stone may it appear:
"Here lies a soldier who fought
for liberty and justice without
a second thought or fear."


Jackie R. kays


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