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A Journey For Happiness

I've sought the roses of a Summers Day
Yet even they posessed a thorn
I've walked the shores of crystal sands
Waves still crashed upon the shore

I've danced in fields of emerald green
Yet even the color had passed in time
I've laughed with the joy of a thousand people
Still their happiness was not mine

I've lifted my face up to the falling rain
Knowing there was an eye to the storm
I've dreamt of a land of pure serenity
Yet knew it was a simple land of metaphor

I've questioned the wise men for an answer
Their wisdom still fell incomplete
I've passed through the depths of many hearts
And found no satisfaction within their beat

A journey for happiness I have traveled
It always seemed so far from reach
Still I have sought and found my happiness
Over the days that pass of you and me


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A Journey For Happiness