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The Perfect List

I'd like to describe the perfect man
I think that I truly can
It's a subject in the past I dismissed
Now I've made up the perfect list

A man with laughter that makes me soar
With eyes that melt me to the floor
With a kiss that makes me weak in the knees
A man with a smile that makes me say please

A man with kindness that touches me
With caring that shines for all to see
A man with a heart that always beats
A man with a love, a love I need

A man with fire and passion burning
With hands that leave me wanton, yearning
A man with a teasing playful way
A man of my dreams every day

So I made up this perfect list
Of gentle ways and a fiery kiss
Of love and laughter, a heart that's true
Perhaps this perfect list is describing you


"Love Is Not About Finding
The Perfect Person

It's About Learning To See
An Imperfect Person Perfectly..."

~Sigs by Dale~

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The Perfect List