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Your Freedom Taken

I saw you today bound in handcuffs
and shame-
I wondered about you - thou I knew
not your name.
A policeman by your side - your
freedom stripped away-
You don't know what to do -
You don't know what to say.
I wondered how you felt -
not being free-
I wondered how I would feel if
it were me.
A simple cup of coffee -
the wind on my face-
A scenic car drive - an thrilling
Nascar race.
Snatched by justice all have been
taken from you-
The simple joys of living -
what did you do?
Was it worth the boundage -
 just wishing you could die?
Was it worth losing your family-
Was it worth the tears you cry?
Oh, you will yearn for a real home
the feel of your wife's kiss
The beauty of blooming rose - all the
dances you will miss.
Freedom is a high price to pay for what
you have done -
Those bars are so cold behind you
Hiding the sun...

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Your Freedom Taken