Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

I fell in love with him, and I wish I could take it back

I was madly, crazily in love with you
And would have gotten down on all fours to please you,
Because I thought I knew what love was,
And I was a foolish eighteen year old,
Hence, I knew nothing.
Still, I knew that I knew nothing but wanted you anyway.
Yet when I saw you yesterday,
Disgust flooded my face at how played out you were.
Part of me (the tiny part) still saw something that resembled
The young drug lord I knew when
We were in high school some two years ago.
Anyway, the other part (the bigger part) hated that you hated me.
I should have been the better person and walked away.
I shouldn't have tailed you only to stare
Angrily into your eyes and walked away.
I felt like I had done some harm to you
By looking at you.
I guess I thought I had something to gain,
But looking in those chocolate brown eyes made me melt
Into a puddle of mud for thinking
That you could be made to love someone as hideous as me.
Some days I sit and stare at the moon,
And I think of you,
I think of how much fun we could have had together,
Had you not been so into drugs and vodka,
Had you actually acted like a person,
Instead of a villain.
I fell in love with you,
And I wish I could take it back,
Because it did no good,
To either of us.

June 26, 2004

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I fell in love with him, and I wish I could take it back

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