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Upon your 18th Birthday

This is written for my son who is now 18 and a man.  This for the little boy that I have had the pleasure of going through infancy,adolescence, teenage pains and now into adulthood with.  Jeff I Love you and I always will.-MOM

You made it!
You reached the goal!
Finally the day has come, and all those years of wanting and waiting have come to pass.
Here you stand full measure against the world.
No more do you have to obey or listen.  No more do you have to answer to anyone but yourself.
The day for reckoning has come and gone.
The new era has started and a new life begun.
The path you choose be smooth and easy or rocky and hard it is yours to own.
No longer tied to Mom or Dad you are now an adult.
Your backpack ready to be filled with new places and people.
May it always to be light upon your back never filled with heavy rocks of burdens.
The tools to live and prosper by have been given to you lovingly through these years.
The door is open just walk through to enter your new world and be the person you wish to be.
Blessing and well wishes go with you.
A mother's love and prayers will always follow.  I know that there will be times of heartbreak but also times of love and joy.  But each will make up your adult life and hopefully bring you peace at the end.

Ragingheart 062304-Jeffrey Allen Porter

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Upon your 18th Birthday