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Free At Last

Who am I anymore

Nourish me, Destroy me


Draw a line

Places like this

Magic ;the beginning of Dragon


Dragon II

Dragon III


Love Of A Life Time

The Door

Once More

Good Bye for ever more

Healing me in kind

A Fallin Rose

Can I get a do over please?


The other me

The Same

The Key

Saddam's End

A better place

Where I want to be


My Son


Did I shave my legs for this?


Late Date

What can I do???

Late Date

I'm getting older and my statements are bolder.The weight of my world,I bare apon my sholder's.It's strange to find I'm doing just fine,plenty is still on my plate.
 Till I give up compleat hope of finding a mate I continue to date,and wouldn't ya know todays is late.I have learned to cope and never give in,damn to be so unrelibale should be a sin.
 Oh my,this isn't the end,a new begining is around the bend.I need for nothing as a Road Barron is my friend.Lately thing are ok even with a late date.

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