Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Independence Day

Hypnotic waters,
Soothing soul.
Find the void,
Fill the hole.
Aging surface,
Hidden youth.
Please be patient,
Attempt some couth.
White greed angry
Red maintained.
White man rich,
Red man maimed.
Brethren dead,
In soil, in soot.
Brethren red,
In soil; point moot.
Rub the lamp,
Facade of wish.
Eat some culture,
A fine dish.
Run like wind,
Fizzle of flame.
Deer-like antics,
Calmness remains.
Bright lights flashing,
Warning sign.
Smoke is filtering,
Death in sky.
Rain drops, toppling,
Flood the basement.
Sunshine waning,
Red is hell-bent.
Every bug bite,
Purpose served.
Every flesh wound
Hits a nerve.
Oil lamps
And scented candles.
Hold the heart
You cannot handle.
Ancient eyes
Birds of a feather.
Motherless child,
Stormy weather.
Red eyes crying,
From the war,
White eyes lying,
They see no storm.
Intelligence waning,
My brethren fade.
Sit beside my soul,
Your debt repaid.

July 4, 2004

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Independence Day

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