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Home Of The Heart

I close my eyes
And drift away
To a long ago time
A far away place

It's a place I know
If only in dreams
Yet it is so familiar
To my heart it seems

There is a home
That I see there
Filled with the warmth
Of love and care

Yet there is no door
To enter inside
There are no windows
To shimmer and shine

There are no rafters
To protect overhead
There are no rooms
For chairs or a bed

There are no hinges
No locks to seek
No hidden corners
To search out and peek

What is this place, you ask?
It is your tender heart
With doors open for me
Right from the start

No windows needed
To look inside
For your love is reflected
There in your eyes

No need for rafters
To cover our heads
I find my protection
In your arms instead

So I close my eyes
I drift away
To my home in your heart
I journey today


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Home Of The Heart